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Mondo Pulp – Live in Europe 2016

Sunday, November 11th, 2018

Just in time for the holidays, get this live recording from Europe 2016.

Special thanks to Geoff Ganiford, Hartwig Komar, Kai Fiefstück, and Robert Berry for making this recording possible.

Note: This recording captures the true character(s) of the performance and as such contains strong language that may not be suitable for young ears.

Non-US fans: Before you order, check if your country will charge VAT or GST on your purchase so you understand what additional charges you may incur. Customs forms will show “Merchandise”.
List of VAT rates in the European Union
Royal Mail charges £8 handling fee in addition to VAT.

CD 1 – 56 minutes

  • Mondo Overture – 5:00
  • You Can Never Tell – 3:20
  • The Monkey Time – 3:56
  • Tip Of My Tongue – 5:06
  • James Brown Medley – 6:02
  • Route 66 – 2:29
  • Mr. Hate – 5:52
  • Amnesia – 5:38
  • Turn Me On – 5:06
  • Golden Boy – 7:04
  • Gimme Dat Harp – 1:38
  • Stella – 4:05

CD 2 – 1 hour, 5 minutes

  • Mondo Bondage – 6:17
  • Up From The Deep – 5:33
  • What Do You Want From Life – 6:10
  • Liberty Valence – 4:00
  • Love’s A Mystery – 7:15
  • Drums – 3:06
  • Tubes World Tour – 2:44
  • White Punks On Dope – 9:40
  • She’s A Beauty – 4:31
  • Saw Her Standing There – 2:58
  • Talk To Ya Later – 5:58
  • Third Stone From The Sun – 6:21

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New CD Box Set:
The Definitive Recordings 1975-1985

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

The Definitive Recordings

New from Wrasse Records and just in time for holiday gift giving, 51 Tubes tracks in The Definitive Recordings 1975-1985 3 CD Box Set.


  1. White Punks On Dope
  2. Drivin All Night
  3. Boy Crazy
  4. Turn Me On
  5. Don’t Touch Me There
  6. Golden Boy
  7. Don’t Want To Wait Anymore
  8. Pimp
  9. You’re No Fun
  10. Sushi Girl
  11. God Bird Change
  12. Stand Up And Shout
  13. Getoverture
  14. Got Yourself A Deal [Live]
  15. Haloes
  16. I’m Just A Mess
  17. Love’s A Mystery (I Don’t Understand)


  1. She’s A Beauty
  2. Smoke (La Vie En Fumer)
  3. Hit Parade
  4. Only The Strong Survive
  5. Piece By Piece
  6. Pound Of Flesh
  7. TV Is King
  8. Talk To Ya Later
  9. Think About Me
  10. My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
  11. Slipped My Disco
  12. Overture: Up From The Deep [Live]
  13. This Town
  14. Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman
  15. Show Me A Reason [Live]
  16. I Saw Her Standing There [Live]
  17. Tubes World Tour


  1. Be Mine Tonight
  2. Love Will Keep Us Together
  3. What Do You Want From Life?
  4. Telecide
  5. Wild Women Of Wongo
  6. Strung Out On Strings
  7. Mondo Bondage
  8. No Way Out
  9. I Want It All Now
  10. Prime Time
  11. Drum Solo [Live]
  12. Crime Medley: Sound Effect-Siren/Theme From Dragnet/Theme From Peter Gunn/Theme From Perry Mason/Theme From The Untouchables [Live]
  13. Space Baby
  14. Cathy’s Clone
  15. I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk [Live]
  16. White Punks On Dope [Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London/1977]
  17. Eyes

The A&M Years : Box Set

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

The first 5 CD’s will be re-released in a box set with bonus tracks. Each disc comes in a replica cardboard wallet of its original LP artwork along with a booklet containing pictures of all the records and liner notes by Dave Everley.

Pre-order in advance of the August 11 release date.

Track listing:
Disc: 1

  1. Up From The Deep
  2. Haloes
  3. Space Baby
  4. Malaguena Salerosa
  5. Mondo Bondage
  6. What Do You Want From Life
  7. Boy Crazy
  8. White Punks On Dope

Disc: 2

  1. Tubes World Tour
  2. Brighter Day
  3. Pimp
  4. Stand Up And Shout
  5. Don’t Touch Me There
  6. Slipped My Disco
  7. Proud To Be An American
  8. Poland Whole / Madam I’m Adam
  9. Young And Rich
  10. Love Will Keep Us Together (Bonus Track)

Disc: 3

  1. Smoke (La Vie En Fumer)
  2. Hit Parade
  3. Strung Out On Strings
  4. Golden Boy
  5. My Head Is My House Unless It Rains
  6. God-Bird Change
  7. I’m Just A Mess
  8. Cathy’s Clone
  9. This Town
  10. Pound Of Flesh
  11. You’re No Fun

Disc: 4

  1. Overture
  2. Got Yourself A Deal
  3. Show Me A Reason
  4. What Do You Want From Life
  5. God – Bird
  6. Special Ballet
  7. Don’t Touch Me There
  8. Mondo Bondage
  9. Smoke (La Vie En Fumer)
  10. Crime Medley
  11. I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk
  12. I Saw Her Standing There
  13. Drum Solo
  14. Boy Crazy
  15. You’re No Fun
  16. Stand Up And Shout
  17. White Punks On Dope

Disc: 5

  1. Turn Me On
  2. TV Is King
  3. Prime Time
  4. I Want It All Now
  5. No Way Out
  6. Getoverture
  7. No Mercy
  8. Only The Strong Survive
  9. Be Mine Tonight
  10. Love’s A Mystery (I Don’t Understand)
  11. Telecide
  12. Drivin’ All Night (Bonus Track)
  13. White Punks On Dope Parts A & B (Bonus Track)

Available on DVD & CD: German TV 1981 Musikladen

Monday, September 19th, 2016

German TV 1981 Musikladen DVD & CD

Available for the very first time on DVD and CD, the television appearance of the TUBES on the stage of German TV studio in 1981. We will be selling the DVD & CD at our EU shows while supplies last. Official release is scheduled for this month in EU and October in the US.

Click for details and to order online: DVD, CD.

Remote Control – Expanded Edition

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Iconoclassic teamed up with The Tubes for this rerelease of Remote Control. Remastered by Vic Anesini, this release includes interviews with current and past band members, plus 4 bonus tracks from the last Tubes project recorded with A&M, aka “The Black Album” or “Suffer for Sound.”
Release date: April 30

Pre-order from Amazon: Remote Control-Expanded Edition

Track List:
11. DREAMS COME TRUE – Bonus Track
12. DANGEROUS – Bonus Track
13. DON’T ASK ME – Bonus Track
14. HOLY WAR – Bonus Track

The Roger Steen CD

Monday, April 15th, 2013

This long awaited solo project consists of all original songs that showcase Roger’s talents as a singer-songwriter. Roger collaborated with Prairie Prince who wrote the lyrics for Daughter of the Sea and Dig Deep. Prince also played drums on Dig Deep and Breakthrough, and created the artwork for the release. Roger also invited Fee Waybill into the studio to sing backing vocals on Bone Dry.

The Roger Steen CD is available from and for download on iTunes and CDBaby.

Tubes fans, click here for a discount on an autographed CD.

Young & Rich and Now – with a bonus from Real Gone Music

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Real Gone Music is offering a limited number of booklets autographed by Prairie Prince to customers who order the Young & Rich and Now 2 CD set directly from them. More information can be found on their web site.