Special thanks to The Barn Theatre for allowing us to reprint this review.

August 1999

Barn's Rocky is a good time for all


Marshall Chronicle

From the moment the opening night show I saw began, everyone (on the stage and in the audience) seemed ready to have the time of their lives.  The cast played the show as if it was the last piece of camp theatre to ever be performed on stage and they went for it all.

The Tubes' frontman Fee Waybill brought his rock presence to the role of Frank 'N' Furter.  Well shaved and well-heeled (really well-heeled), he strutted across the stage in various stages of undress without any hint of self-consciousness.  His voice, having been trained by years on the road, was perfectly suited for the show's rock n' roll style.  Every note wasn't prettily sung, nor should it have been.    Waybill seemed to absolutely revel in the chance to play the role.

John C. Brown, "was the quintessential dweeb as Brad."  As Riff-Raff, Scott Burkell " The consummate professional, Burkell did not disappoint.  Even in complete facial makeup, he can tell more with a look than most actors can with a Shakespearean monologue."

Strong performances were also turned in by Eric Parker as Rocky.....Courtney Ell as Columbia; Jennifer Kapitan as Magenta and Cain M. Billbrey holding it all together as the show's narrator.

......People came to the show for a good time.  And they had one.    Isn't that what it is all about?